Welcome to TechOnFoot
An IT and Website Hosting company in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

We use to have a deep website with FAQs, regular news items, example customer websites and all sorts of things, but I can't say it ever generated any customers.
If you want to get a hold of me, your best bet is by email which I check 16/7, or if you want to talk, text me and  I will call you back between 10am and 4pm, Monday to Friday
For New Customers
For $94.50 a year (including GST), we take care of registration of your domain name and resell the hosting provided by Dreamhost (.com) and WHC.ca, both of which are excellent at what they do.  You can even sign up with them directly and probably save a few dollars a year.  However, for that $94.50/year, we make things very simple, will take care of technical details and help you through rough spots. Worst case, we can show up at your business or house and walk you through it in person, something our suppliers can't.  Lots of our hosting customers also end up using us as computer consultants to configure their laptops with their emails, get wireless working and install recommended software.
Consulting Work
For consulting work, we charge $100/hour and will travel to you if you are between Wetaskiwin, Edmonton and Saint Albert in Alberta, Canada.  We also setup networks and maintain computers, but mostly for small businesses who can afford to pay.  We will do computer repairs on home computers, but we can rarely make the trip worth the cost to the end user, for two reasons:  Computers are so inexpensive that paying $250 to fix a $600 computer has little return and secondly, computer fixing skills are abundant.  Get your nephew or brother to do it and pay them with home-made ice cream.
The Gist
Web hosting and consulting doesn't bring in a lot of money, enough to cover the mortgage, but I also do contract web programming in languages like php, and javascript with the jquery libraries via Ajax.  Most of my knowledge is centred around open source applications.
Contact and Location
My home office is at 19 Bethel Drive, Sherwood Park, T8H 2H1, Alberta, Canada and you can contact me at infoma at techonfoot dot com, or via +1-844-665-5143.